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Tech Data: the Passage program

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2021-07-20 19:57:39
Job Hunting

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At Tech Data, I have hired some new staff to help launch the Passage program. It is a pipeline for talent developed at our cyber warfare ranges, our educational partners, ad our corporate partners to obtain employment anywhere in the world in cybersecurity. I have no doubt it will become the largest on-ramp for cyberecurity talent globally.

There are several differences in the Passage program that make it a unique offering:
  • It will never be a "body shop". We will never be preoccupied with volume placements. We are concerned with one metric: quality. Even though we will become the largest on-ramp for cybersecurity talent globally, we will do so by delivering competency and quality of candidates. The volume will come naturally and does not need to be rushed artificially.
  • We are not a traditional job placement business. Tech Data is not going to replace its multi-billion dollar business with job placements. It has no interest in spinning off the Passage program. It is concerned with preserving its vendors, clients, and other elements of our ecosystem by delivering cybersecurity competency. Those who can see what we are doing and want to be a part of this unique and amazing offering are welcome to benefit from the program.
  • Candidates are drawn from the official National Cyber Warfare Foundation's cyber warfare ranges, carefully selected educational partners, and the NCWF corporate cyber ranges. This highly selective pool ensures that everyone involved is on the same page. the economics work themselves out perfectly, so having the right people at the table is the most crucial part of how we assemble the ecosystem.
  • Employers will be obtaining competent cyber warriors that have been specifically measured for the hands-on skills and soft skills. Knowing the individual they are hiring is truly job ready is invaluable.

What makes the passage program different is that all of the candidates you would obtain via the Passage program have been assessed for their real-world cybersecurity knowledge. Not some silly test that they pass, but in fact a comprehensive, hands-on, and very real-world assessment conducted by top cybersecurity talent with the actual knowledge to conduct such assessments.

In addition to the practical cybersecurity skills needed, we also asses the candidate's soft skills. Team player, good communicator, time management, and many other relevant soft skills.

By leveraging the Passage program, you are utilizing the largest on-ramp for cybersecurity globally. Your skills will be validated, enhanced where needed, and you will be delivered directly into multiple cybersecurity job opportunities. The Tech Data Cyber Range Passage Program is your orchestrator for your next career opportunity.

This program is unique in the world. It offers much greater value to all parties involved.

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Job Hunting

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