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Accessing our Cyber Warfare Ranges remotely

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2023-01-29 09:57:18
While it is true that the best place for you to learn at at one of our Cyber Warfare Ranges. That is not possible for everyone. We make our Cyber Warfare Ranges available remotely to those users who have an Identity Bank account with us. Identity Bank accounts are free and comply with the various privacy regulations around the world via a unique set of technologies, a collaboration with Itatem, and a dedicated team of trusted volunteers.

Step 1 - Establish / Recover your Identity Bank account
We use technologies by Itatem. Itatem is a private company that protects our user data, keeps it private, and allows users to access our systems securely. Itatem ensures our organization remains in compliance with the many privacy ans user data regulations around the world.

To establish or recover your Identity Bank account:

Step 2 - Select the Cyber Warfare Range you wish to access
For nearly all of our remote users, you should use AZ01, our cloud based Cyber Warfare Range. If you have visited one of our physical Cyber Warfare Ranges and want to acess targets at that range, please identify which range you want to access.

Step 3 - Enroll yourself to a specific target range
It is important to note that all new users need to enroll into a target range. Typically you would enroll into the Beginner Red Team or Beginner Blue Team range. When you want to change target ranges or access more advanced targets, you would need to enroll into those target ranges.

Once you have enrolled into a target range, our system will remember that until you change it by enrolling into a different target range.

We offer four (4) basic Red Team Ranges - the Red Team are the hackers/attackers
  • Beginner - enroll beginner
  • Intermediate - enroll intermediate
  • Advanced - enroll advanced
  • Real-world - enroll jedi
Similarly, we offer four(4) basic Blue Team ranges - the Blue Team are the defenders
  • Beginner - enroll beginnerblue
  • Intermediate - enroll intermediateblue
  • Advanced - enroll advancedblue
  • Real-world - enroll jediblue

Step 4 - Grant yourself an Access Pass
Our automated systems allow our registered Identty Bank users to grant themselves access to our Cyber Warfare Ranges anytime, 24x7x365. Access Passes are typically alive for 24 hours. New Access Passes are granted using SMS/text messaging from the mobile phone you have registered with in our Identity Bank.

To grant yourself an Access Pass, text your IP address to our Cyber Warfare Range phone number (usually +1.480.525.9801). Here is an example:

access -your ip address- 
access <-- if your IP address is If you do not know what your IP address is. You can use to see your IP address.

You will receive back a SMS/text message from our system letting you know that an Access Pass has been granted.

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