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Making an account login for the CWR forums

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2020-07-29 11:47:29
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Our forums now utilize our identity Bank. This allows us to comply with international laws on privacy, data storage, and retention, etc.

The Identity Bank gives us some important capabilities;
1) Greater privacy and protection of our user's PII
2) Compliance with international privacy laws to support our expansions outside the United States
3) It allows our users to utilize nicknames to aid their privacy and making tracking/stalking our users more difficult.

Creating a new account
You can create a new identity Bank account by visiting:

Select the "Create an Account" link and complete the small and simple form. Then press submit.

Once you have done so, please set a password for your account by going to the "Change Password" area. Once you set a password, your user id is on the top in the grey bar next to your name. Your password is the one you just set.

You may want to create a nickname or alias for your user account.

This is done by adding one or more nicknames in the "nickname" area.
Every nickname must be unique to our Identity Bank and cannot make use of reserved account names.

Recovering an existing account
If you already created an account and either lost your password or forgot your user name, you can visit and Recover your account using the forgot password functions. This process will send a text message to your mobile phone with a time-limited special link. The link may only be used one time. Click on the link and you will be logged into your account where you can see your user name on the top grey bar and can set new nicknames or most importantly "Change your Password". Set your new password and then use the user id and password you just set.

After you have created/recovered your account. You can log in to our forums located at:

Thank you.

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