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Getting started with us. Orientation, user account, and range target access.

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2021-02-27 16:38:58
Get Started / Orientation , Initial training material

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We are the National Cyber Warfare Foundation ( We are a 501c3, non-profit organization. Our foundation works with third parties to operate cyber warfare ranges. We are currently working with organizations like;
We operate an ever growing network of cyber warfare ranges that offer relevant, cutting edge, meaningful, useful, and employable skills training for those who choose to learn with us. We offer our training free of charge via our non-profit cyber warfare ranges. Our corporate relationships allow us to fund our operations and expand our network of employers who are seeking competent cyber warriors.

Your journey with us in cybersecurity depends on your initiative and persistence. We are not a school, we do not prescribe a curriculum, test you on terms and ideas, and we do not offer counseling. If you have the ability to pursue your passion in cybersecurity, then we offer you the best combination of tools to help you get a new cybersecurity job or upgrade your cyberecurity career.

Step 1 - Read more about who we are and what we do
Our foundation has a web site that talks about our overall missions. It includes information on those who are working with us, how new ranges can get started, and other useful stuff.

The foundation's website is:

We opened our first cyber warfare range with The Arizona Cyber Warfare Range in 2012. Our first cyber warfare range operator is now known simply as the Cyber Warfare Range, and it produced a widely recognized set of results that changed cybersecurity, the people learning with us, and the organizations involved with us. In 2016, we were acknowledged by the United States department of Homeland Security as leading the nation and in a category all our own after they completed a nationwide study of cybersecurity programs.

The Cyber Warfare Range has some good material on their web site:

Since our opening in 2012, we have relationships with other cyber warfare range operators;
The Wisconsin Cyber Threat Response Alliance (WICTRA) -
The Georgia Cyber Warfare Range (GACWR) -
The Tech Data Cyber Range (TDCR) -

We have some additional information on some other web sites like:
The CWR Academy -
Cyber Warrior -

We also are helping people obtain meaningful employment in cybersecurity -

Step 2 - Obtain an Identity Bank account
It is free, hyper privacy focused, and your information is not shared with anyone outside of our organization and cyber warfare range operators.

here is some information on creating a new Identity Bank account:

Step 3 - Make use of our forums
We communicate with each other asynchronously via our forums. On them you will find information, cybersecurity jobs, and we aggregate and classify cybersecurity industry news from over 500 industry news sources. For those hwo have certain relationships with us, we also have private areas of the forums that contain information relating to those collaborations.

Our forums are located at:

Step 4 - Learn how to access our online (AZ01 Cloud) range
Follow this guide for instructions on how to access one of our ranges:

We look forward to working with you to preserve our way of life.

Step 5 - Make use of our online training/learning resources
Get your cybersecurity fundamentals, basic computer training/use, and much more using our assembled list of online resources from entities and organizations all over the Internet.

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Get Started / Orientation
Initial training material

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